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Group Reservation

Compass Barbershop is happy to provide private barbering services to groups or individuals outside our normal operating hours. We can customize your party with haircuts and styling, shaves, facial waxing and other grooming procedures. Additionally, we can carry your beverages and snacks of choice to make your experience even more refreshing. Fantastic for bachelor or graduation parties, birthdays or a guys night out.

Our pricing is dependent on time, services rendered and any extras such as food and drinks. We work with many local restaurants to cater your party with fresh, hot food: from BBQ, to burgers, to Indian cuisine. The sky is the limit.

Here is the breakdown for a common bachelor party event:

  • 4 individuals, 7pm - 9pm

  • 4 haircuts, two shaves, two beard trims: $210

  • Catering: $100

  • Beverages: $75

  • Total: $385 (or about $95 per guest)

Some things to consider:

Haircuts take about 30 minutes, shaves 45 minutes, and beard trims about 20 minutes. We alternate services to get you on your way in a timely manner, but the number of guests and the services they require will determine the total time the shop is reserved. We can also reserve shop time during normal operating hours, however considerable lead time is important to ensure no other clients are scheduled during the timeframe of your reservation.

Please call or email us to schedule your next event! We can work with any budget and time requirement to ensure you have a pleasant and enjoyable experience!

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