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Happy to be back in Missoula after attending barber school at the Paul Mitchell Institute over in Spokane

Valley, WA. Aidan is Jason's little fun-loving brother and is excited to be joining the crew at Compass Barber as an official Licensed Barber and learn all the tricks of the trade from the "BEST" in Missoula.


Aidan's passion is in all thing's family, friends and sports. Whether you are a golfer, basketball, football, soccer, wrestler, or hockey player he is here for you!



Picture of Anna, an employee at Compass Barbershop in Missoula, Montana

Originally from Portland,  OR, Anna started cutting hair in 1999. Moved to Atlanta where she was temporarily an "ATLien" and cut hair off and on there for 15 years. The mountains were calling so she made her way back to Missoula. And here she is!



Picture of Jason, an employee at Compass Barbershop in Missoula, Montana

Happy to be back in Missoula, Jason Duff recently changed careers from a restaurant worker to full time barber.  Jason is a licensed Chemical Barber and is most happy working with people. He is excited to join the Compass team and soak up all they have to give. Jason spent his early career slingin' drinks and food around Missoula until he decided to stop cutting people's hair in his mom's basement. 


Jason loves haircuts, wiener dogs, and long walks through Kiwanis Park.



Picture of Kitty, an employee at Compass Barbershop in Missoula, Montana

Kitty Deyo is a long time Missoula mover and shaker since moving from Helena in 1999 and has been involved in the local music festival and entertainment industry for nearly 20 years.

Kitty received her education in cosmetology in 2004 but she’s dedicated the last four and a half years exclusively to the art of Manscaping.  Clipper cuts are her jam! From military fades and flat tops to etched out mohawks and majestic mullets, Kitty does it all.





Kyle started cutting hair in 2015 in Northern California. He moved to Missoula to continue his education at the University of Montana where he will be studying Sociology.


Kyle loves to give his clients the haircut that will give them confidence and make them feel like their best selves. In his free time he likes to spend time with his dog by hiking and being outside, hangin out with friends, and playing video games. Book with Kyle for longer styled cuts as well as short cropped styles and fades.



Picture of Smalls, an employee at Compass Barbershop in Missoula, Montana

Shannon "Smalls" Smallwood has spent the last twenty years as a pro bear fighter in Alaska. After losing a rigged fight, she has fled the Alaskan mafia to the lower forty eight in an attempt to warm up and enjoy her fighting retirement.

Her time in the frozen north was well spent, gaining a degree in wild fishery procurement, cosmetology, preparatory sustenance engineering, ceramic transportation science and taxidermy.

Shannon is now the proud co-parent of Compass Barbershop, and specializes in both women and men's services including hair cutting and color, as well as facial waxing. 


Although Shannon has retired from the pro circuit, she is still available to fight less dangerous animals, such as lions and tigers. 



Picture of Zac, an employee at Compass Barbershop in Missoula, Montana

Zac Mayberry spent his formative years in kitchens from Kenne Bunk Port to San Diego learning all aspects of American restaurant culture.


Then, in a freak accident  involving foie gras, saffron, gold leaf, sea urchin and most of the McDollar menu, he lost all ability to cook. Now, ten years later, armed with a new career in the tonsorial (that means Barber) arts, he has opened a barbershop with his good friend and business associate (not wife) Shannon 'Smalls' Smallwood. 

Zac's specialty ranges from the classic precision haircuts to the modern texturized looks. His time in Barber school was spent perfecting the luxury custom shave and prides himself in an especially high quality service. 

Zac thanks the city of Missoula and the state of Montana for being such welcome hosts to Compass Barbershop. 

A pair of barber scissors
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